Meet Our Donors

ANSWER Scholarship Endowment is privileged to receive donations from individuals, foundations, houses of worship and companies. Meet a few of those who have helped give mothers a future with their gifts. We hope you’ll consider joining them with a contribution to ANSWER.


For many, a college education is the pathway to success. We are inspired by the vision of the ANSWER Fund and its belief that a student’s success in life includes a focus on family and willingness to work hard to build her own future. The lucky women who participate will benefit not only from the scholarship assistance, but from the caring and support from Susan and her dedication.
~ Tom Lawrence, Executive Director of The Leon Levine Foundation

Houses of Worship

Our Outreach Committee was inspired to support the ANSWER Scholarship Endowment because of its high success rate. ANSWER has shown it can help women gain an education and set a powerful example for their children. We feel ANSWER is a good investment.
~ Rev. Kevin K. Wright, Myers Park United Methodist Church


I’m interested in helping children get started on the right path. The mother runs the family. If we can help fund a mother’s education, the mom will provide that example to her child of why education is important. ANSWER Scholarship is affiliated with Foundation for the Carolinas, an organization I trust. Giving was a no-brainer for me. The ANSWER Scholarship works for what I want. ANSWER is my answer.
~ Jim Brinson, retired CPA, who has named ANSWER Scholarship as a beneficiary in his estate plan

I agree with ANSWER‘s philosophy that if you educate a parent, you educate a child. Education builds self-confidence, self-discipline and self-worth. It builds everyone a better future. That, really, is the mission of the ANSWER Scholarship Endowment.
~ Patricia Mason Spencer

I admire the fact that Susan Andersen saw a need and, on her own, decided to take steps to meet that need by setting up ANSWER. It proves that one person can indeed make a difference. It’s my joy to be able to contribute to this important work. I also like the idea of women helping women, and that’s what ANSWER is doing.
~ Sally Robinson


Women’s education is one of the highest priorities of the North Mecklenburg Women’s Club. We financially support the ANSWER Scholarship because ANSWER does an outstanding job of identifying women in greatest need who will benefit from a college education. ANSWER recipients have a strong track record of success following graduation, and we’re eager to bring as many women as possible into the program. Some of our Club members have also gotten personally involved as mentors in ANSWER’s Mentors for Moms support program. It’s thrilling to see our donation and volunteer hours have such an obvious positive impact each year.
Denise Carter, President of the North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club

Business Leaders of Charlotte selects its beneficiaries very carefully. Since the beginning of our Community Involvement initiative in 2005, we have learned that it is important to partner with an organization that we want to be associated with long into the future. ANSWER Scholarship Endowment fulfills that desire. We are delighted to have a hand in preparing and educating the next generation of professionals in our community. Your commitment to young families, via the mother, is an inspiration.
 ~ Michael Barnes, President, Business Leaders of Charlotte