Application Tips

Applications are accepted December 1-March 1 of each year.

We understand there is a lot of information needed to apply so we have developed some helpful tips as you fill out this application. The good news is that over 60% of applicants are awarded this scholarship each year!

We recommend that before you begin the application process that you gather all of the information you will need to complete the application (listed below). The application itself typically takes 2 hours to complete once you have all the information you need; however, it may take you a week or two to gather the required information and write your essay before you apply online. We also recommend you have a trusted colleague/professor review your application, especially the essay, for omissions or typos.

You will need to have ready:

  • Applicant Information and Household Information: including your address, email, phone, and information about your children (their names, ages, schools).
  • A professional Student Resume: Upload your PDF-formatted resume into the application.
  • College Choice: Provide the name and location of the college you are currently attending (or have been accepted to) along with your major and anticipated graduation date.
  • College Transcript Request: You will need to upload your current and past transcripts. This may be downloaded from the university website but be sure that it has your name, school’s name, courses taken, grades, grade points, credit hours, GPA and cumulative GPA. If you are submitting more than one transcript, PDF them together so that they are one document. Transcripts do not need to be official at time of application.
  • Financial Information: You will need a) a current copy of your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) b) a copy of your Award letter from the Financial Aid office and c) your SAR Report. You will need all of the information about your college’s costs including tuition, books and supplies, and transportation costs. You will calculate your current need based on the difference between your recorded financial aid awarded and your school expenses.
  • Your Personal Essay: We want to learn all about your academic journey and your gaols for what you hope to achieve by completing your degree for yourself and your family. Although this is only 300 words (12 point font, double spaced, up to 2 pages), it is very important and is reviewed carefully by the Selection Committee.
  • Help With Application: A good application is neat, error-free, well thought out, and tells your story to the Selection Committee. Please contact us at if you need any assistance in filling out this application. We would be happy to help walk you through the process. Please contact us at Include in the subject line of the email “ANSWER SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION ASSISTANCE”.
  • Finding the Application: You can apply for the scholarship directly from our website in the “APPLICATION PROCEDURE” section or from the website of the Foundation For The Carolinas ( Once there, type “ANSWER” as keyword.
  • Date of Open Application: The application will be open from the first of December to the first of March.

Best wishes on behalf of the Answer Scholarship Selection Committee!